Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Double Oaked

58.5% Acl/Vol | 117 Proof

75% Corn | 21% Rye | 4% Malted Barley

This rare, limited release of Double Oaked Bourbon is the third batch in a new distillery series of barrel-finished bourbons. We took our award-winning Barrel Strength to the next level by re-casking it in 18-month staves of West Virginia white oak and letting it age at our distillery for an additional year. We then pulled it at the perfect time for the liquid to evolve into a complex, smooth, and truly one-of-a-kind expression.


Private select bottles from Batch #3 are available at Shepherdstown Liquors, King Spirits locations, and Ashebrook Liquor Outlet.

Have it shipped to your door or try it in person at our tasting room in Upper Tract, WV. Plan your visit

DO Bourbon

Tasting Notes

At 117 proof, this Double Oaked Bourbon is delicious and complex, revealing notes of chocolate, cinnamon and fresh jam wrapped in dried candied fruits of fig and raisin. Notes of vanilla, subtle caramel, and custard compliment the spice and pull together the complexities with a slight medium to long smooth finish.