At Swilled Dog we endeavor to be radically generous. Our vision is to bring people together over drinks while making a significant impact for our favorite animal causes. To that end, we donate a portion of our annual sales to local charities within our footprint—with a focus on our four-legged friends. Check out our programs and see how you're helping us making difference with each sip.

Pilots to the Rescue

We're thrilled to partner with Pilots to The Rescue, a national nonprofit that helps transport endangered and at-risk animals to provide them with a better chance of adoption. In August 2023, we sponsored our first flight transporting dogs from an overcrowded shelter in Charleston, WV to Michigan. A portion of the proceeds from our Adoption Series will support future missions.


In Aug. 2023, we transported 17 dogs from the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association in Charleston, WV to the Cascades Humane Society in Jackson, Michigan where they were given another chance at adoption. Within a few weeks, all 17 dogs were adopted!

We'e donated more than $2,000 to Pilots to the Rescue's Giving Tuesday campaigns. We matched the first $1,000 for the past two years helping them raise additional funds for their efforts.

Pours for Paws

Each time you visit the Whiskey Room, you can enjoy a tasting experience sampling some of our finest whiskeys, bourbons and gin for only a $5 donation. 100% of your donation will directly support the Hampshire Co. Pet Adoption Program, helping fund spay/neuter procedures for rescued pets.


In 2023, we funded 32 spay and neuters with your help!


We’ve established Lucy’s Tap in our tasting room as a way for our customers to spread the love. One dollar of every pour from Lucy’s Tap, which always features Walk the Dog cider, goes to a non-profit. In 2024, we'll be supporting P.A.W.S from Jan-June. Stay tuned for updates on the latter part of the year.

Franklin, WV

Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter helps facilitate the placement of stray and unwanted animals into loving homes and prevents overpopulation and cruelty in our area.


We are committed to making a significant impact for the organizations we support. Please see the criteria and guidelines for consideration.

  1. Organizations must be a 501(c)3 located in the United States.
  2. Preference is given to organizations whose missions align with ours and are directly related to an animal charity.
  3. Alcoholic beverage laws vary widely from state to state, which may impact Swilled Dog's ability to make an alcohol donation.

Due to the volume of requests, we hope you understand we must deny numerous inquiries from excellent organizations who do important work.

Thank you for your interest in Swilled Dog!

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