YES! We can ship to you! Place your order here, then you will receive an email notification when the package has been shipped with a tracking number. We will not accept order cancellations due to the duration of time between the order and product shipping.

We cannot ship to the following states: AL, AK, HI, ID, MA, MI,  MS, OK, PA, SC, and UT

You can also find our spirits at most WV liquor stores. If you can’t find it, please ask your local liquor store to pick them up.


Yes, all of our ciders are gluten-free.

The date on the bottom of the can is the date that the cider was canned. We recommend drinking within 12 months from the date on the bottom of the can.

Once you’ve popped the top, we recommend drinking within 1-2 days as carbonation will most likely be gone after this time. We also recommend sharing with a friend to keep this problem from happening.

Yes! Please email Lauren at to order a keg for your event. When placing an order, we charge a keg deposit of $40 that is refunded once the keg is returned. We do not provide taps but those can usually be rented from your local liquor store. You can also order kegs of Swilled Dog from your local liquor store.

Yes! We’re happy to send you the good stuff. Check out our online store and add one of everything to your cart. 


Have you seen Lucy Pickles? She’s adorable and we couldn’t resist making her the face of our brand. 

Swilled means to drink freely. We always encourage responsible drinking, but having a drink while enjoying a good time with friends and family is what we’re all about. So, this paired with our love for dogs just made sense.

Giving back is extremely important to us. We donate primarily to animal-related charities and organizations as they are most closely aligned with our mission. Check out our Giving Program and submit your request if it fits the criteria.


Yes, check out our menu here.

Yes! We’d love for you to take home some cider. We offer two growler sizes (64oz & 32oz) for you to buy. You can also bring your own and we’ll fill it, but it must be clean. Our staff is not responsible for unclean growlers.

We offer tours on select weekends throughout the year. Check out the events calendar to see when they are happening. If you’d like to book a private tour for a small group, email

Absolutely. Bring the kids and relax for the afternoon. Our tables have built-in board games to keep them entertained. We also have pool, shuffleboard and darts to keep you entertained too!

Of course we are! Our four-legged fans are our favorite customers. They are welcome inside the tasting room, but must be on a leash at all times and not disturb other patrons. Outside, we have a designated area for dogs to do their business with a clean-up station, and we ask that you pick up your doggy’s doo-doo to keep our place nice and clean.

Guests under 21 are welcome but alcohol is off-limits.

We’d love to celebrate with you! Click the button at the bottom of this page to send an inquiry.

Smoking is not permitted at Swilled Dog as we are a working distillery and it presents too big of a risk when there is flammable alcohol in the building.

No, we do not accept reservations at this time.

Yes, there is a suggested donation of $5. 100% of donations support the Hampshire Co. Pet Adoption Program. Funds are used to spay/neuter animals. 

Unfortunately, no. Whiskey and bourbon tastings are offered in the Whiskey Room only. 

We don’t sell whiskey by the glass. Only samples are offered.