Lucy Headshot

Lucy Pickles, CFO

(Chief Fetching Officer)

So, Who Am I?

I haven't always been the internationally recognized pup representing Swilled Dog. In fact, my road to fame has had many turns and potholes along the way. I was born in a Tennessee puppy mill where hundreds of dogs were living in tiny cages with no room to move around or go to the bathroom. Someone even docked my tail to pass me off as an Australian shepherd because they sell for more. I’m actually a border collie if you couldn’t tell from my pictures. The owners of the mill are now in jail, and I’m happy to say my story didn’t end there.

When the mill was shut down, TN animal shelters couldn't handle the huge number of dogs displaced from the puppy mill. So, animal shelters across multiple states stepped in to help. I headed to a shelter in New Orleans. Unfortunately, I was adopted by a family that neglected me. Eventually, I was rescued again but not before I was extremely malnourished.

I was adopted again by a family that moved to a chicken farm in Florida. As a 5-month old puppy, I loved the freedom of chasing chickens all day, but my family needed a farm dog, not a chicken-chasing dog. I was soon dropped off at a local shelter.

Upon entering the system yet again, I was scheduled to be euthanized. In the nick of time, a herding dog rescue group gave me another shot at life. Over the next 2 months, I spent time in two foster homes where I regained my health and learned how to get along with other dogs. That’s when Brooke and Brad found me. Finally, after 8 homes in 7 months, I found my forever home. Nowadays, I spend my time with my other Swilled mascots, playing fetch, chasing squirrels (no more chickens), and begging for treats.

I think everyone should get more treats. Swilled Dog for you and dog bones for me.

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You’ve met the sweet pup who started it all. Now, see how we put our money where our hearts are.