WBOY | Limited edition Trust Bourbon is nearly sold out in north central West Virginia after first day

By Sam Gorski —

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Trust Bourbon hit store shelves on Wednesday and is now almost entirely sold out as of Thursday afternoon.

The bourbon was created in a partnership between Swilled Dog, a West Virginia distiller, and the Country Roads Trust, a name image and likeness organization for WVU student-athletes.

The bourbon was initially released online at the end of November and sold out within two hours. That trend is continuing this week with nearly all locations in north central West Virginia reporting that they are entirely sold out of the small batch bourbon.

12 News called liquor and grocery stores that received shipments of the bourbon, and only two locations in north central West Virginia said they had the bourbon still in stock as of 3 p.m. on Thursday:

It’s important to note that a Giant Eagle employee at the location told 12 News that the bourbon is not yet for sale, and likely won’t be until Monday, Dec. 18.

However, if you live in north central West Virginia and are still looking to get your hands on one of the 1,260 bottles, these two locations are likely your best bet. You can find a map of every location that stocked the bourbon here.