Swilled Dog Launches Online Spirits Sales Outside of WV

Swilled Dog (@SwilledDog) is excited to announce that its award-winning whiskeys and bourbons are now available to purchase online through its website, swilleddog.com. Fans of Swilled Dog can order spirits for home delivery to forty-one states, including, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. 

The West Virginia-based distillery partnered with Big Thirst, an e-commerce solution to expand distribution of its spirits to a wider audience. Just in time for the holidays, the online store sells all five of Swilled Dog’s expressions, including the acclaimed two-time Double Gold Winning Barrel Strength Bourbon and the newly released Double Oaked Rye Whiskey. These spirits are also available at ABCA stores throughout the state of WV and at the distillery in Upper Tract. 

“We’ve had significant interest from fans wanting access to our whiskeys and bourbons online,” says Brooke Glover, CEO & Co-Founder of Swilled Dog. “We have great partnerships with retailers and ABC liquor stores throughout West Virginia making it easy for local fans to access our products. However, this platform is a huge next step for us allowing us to meet the demands of our consumers that live outside of the state while also increasing our brand presence.” 

Swilled Dog started as a cidery in 2017, but it quickly expanded its portfolio to include whiskeys and bourbons, ready-to-drink canned cocktails, and infusions. “Strategic growth of our brand, with our customers in mind, has always been a focus for our team,” says Kim Kirk, Chief Experience Manager of Swilled Dog. “We’re proud that this expansion into direct to consumer sales provides a tremendous benefit to our fans – giving them easier access to our products while providing an online buying experience that is user-friendly and seamless.”

Ready to purchase our spirits in time for the holidays? Head out to a WV liquor store or purchase our whiskeys and bourbons online at www.swilleddog.com. Online spirits sales are available to anyone age 21 years or older and ship across the United States in accordance with state level distribution laws. At launch, spirits are available for pre-sale only and will not be shipped right away. The actual shipping dates may be 2-4 weeks after purchase. All customers with a pre-sale purchase will be notified via email when the package has been shipped with a tracking number. Swilled Dog will not accept order cancellations due to the duration of time between order and product shipping.