Double Oaked Rye Whiskey

61% Acl/Vol | 122 Proof

95% Rye | 5% Malted Barley

This Rye Whiskey is the second expression in our new Double Oaked series, and a very special release. We took the first Rye Whiskey we ever released to the next level by re-casking it in a combination of 18- and 12-month staves of West Virginia white oak and letting it age at our distillery for an additional year and a half. We selected the two best barrels to blend together for an extremely unique bourbon.


Try this product in person at our tasting room in Upper Tract, WV.

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Tasting Notes

NOSE: At 122 proof, this Double Oaked Rye Whiskey is complex yet smooth. A spicy nose with cinnamon and cayenne notes is well balanced by an underlying sweetness of vanilla and caramel.

PALATE: As the whiskey opens on the pallet, black pepper and cinnamon mingle together nicely with hints of almond, stone fruit, butterscotch and a gradual sweetness.

FINISH: The well-rounded finish is medium to long with hints of vanilla sugar, spice, and cinnamon.