1863 WV Gold

59.5% Acl/Vol | 119 Proof

75% Corn | 20% Rye | 5% Malted Barley

Introducing 1863 WV Gold, a distinguished collector’s bourbon crafted in partnership with Country Roads Trust. Bottled at 119 proof and aged for 4.5 years in #3 Char American White Oak, this premium first edition celebrates West Virginia’s legacy and embodies the spirit and pride of our great state founded in 1863.

Every bottle supports the mission of the Name, Image and Likeness collective; to champion athletes and preserve the timeless traditions that define West Virginia’s greatness. Embrace the taste of victory — 1863 WV Gold, where heritage and excellence converge in every sip.

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WV Gold

Tasting Notes

NOSE:  A robust aroma of heavy caramel blends seamlessly with subtle hints of vanilla

PALATE:  A rich body of toffee and butterscotch are complemented by earthy

FINISH: Medium to long with notes of
caramel and touch of brûlée, leaving a lasting and memorable impact on the palate.