CHARLESTON GAZETTE MAIL | Pup, pup and away: Dogs take off from Yeager for new chance at adoption

By Ashley Perham —

Between the thrum of helicopter blades and the roar of airplane engines, yips, yowls and howls could be heard at West Virginia International Yeager Airport in Charleston on Wednesday.

Eight adult dogs and nine puppies from the overflowing Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association were sent off on a Piper Cherokee 6 to Jackson, Michigan, for a second chance at adoption from the Cascades Humane Society.

Pilot Michael Schneider and Daniel Baumel, of Pilots To The Rescue, carefully crated the 17 dogs for their almost three-hour flight on “Paw Force One.” Quarters were tight for a few hours but, normally, the dogs nod off to sleep, Schneider said.

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