BEVNET | Swilled Dog Releases New Whiskey: Double Oaked Rye Whiskey

UPPER TRACT, WV – Swilled Dog, a WV craft beverage company, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly-anticipated Double Oaked Rye Whiskey Batch #1, a limited-edition barrel finished whiskey using tight grained American white oak sourced in West Virginia.

The Double Oaked Rye Whiskey is the second release in a new series of barrel finished whiskeys. Each expression in the Innovation Series is a blend of carefully sourced whiskeys, which are then further aged in barrels made of West Virginia white oak. Using this technique, Swilled Dog is able to impart additional layers of flavor and complexity to the final product.

“By using West Virginia white oak to age our whiskey, we’re able to create expressions that are truly unique and reflective of the region,” says Brooke Glover, CEO & Co-Founder of Swilled Dog. “The flavors and aromas of the wood are intricately tied to the terroir of West Virginia, which allows Swilled Dog to showcase the character of the state in every bottle.”

To create the Double Oaked Rye Whiskey, Swilled Dog selected barrels of its award-winning 11-month Rye Whiskey, winner of a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and elevated it to the next level. The whiskey was transferred into casks made of West Virginia white oak, coopered by the WV Great Barrel Company. The whiskey was left to age for an additional 18 months in these exceptional barrels, resulting in a complex and spicy yet smooth flavor profile that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Only 482 bottles of Double Oaked Rye Whiskey have been produced, making it a must-have for collectors and connoisseurs. At 122 proof, the whiskey has a spicy nose with cinnamon and cayenne notes balanced by an underlying sweetness of vanilla and caramel. As the whiskey opens on the pallet, black pepper and cinnamon mingle together nicely with hints of almond, stone fruit, butterscotch and a gradual sweetness. The finish is medium to long with hints of vanilla, spice and cinnamon. Swilled Dog’s Double Oaked Rye Whiskey is available for purchase at select retailers throughout West Virginia and online at while supplies last.

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